Monday, October 29, 2012

Plan Tirath Yatra Journey to Holy Places

Tirth Yatra , these two words, this means more than the realization of the life to the million Indians, is perhaps woven in its inners same, also weaving, the spiritual heart of people to the manifest grounds of his country;the grounds, that indicate its own heart... for Tirth is a crowned destination।

Yatra means the voyage, so much collectively, will yatra of Tirth is the holy voyage, a voyage that we seemingly commit ourselves enriching us religious।And there are various categories of the latter, even always authenticated, others relatively obscure, certain almost open of world, others always the privelege of people of the countries, some devoted to the eternal biggies like Siva, Visnu, Durga, Kali;others with the saints of owner, like devtas of kula in the located, and holy places famous, as Reflected bai, Sant jnaneshwar, baba of sai of Shirdee, paramhans of Ramakrishna, and so on, which in the cosmic chronology, were themselves of the yatris (companions) just one moment ago..... If it east go until our clean my Vaishno Devi, or to a long voyage month in Kailash Mansarovar, so simply immersing themselves in Quawallis at Ajmer Shareef, or even just being present at sea fine of humanity at Kumbh Mela, going in the cave deeply inside the mountain and communicant with the devi of Kamakhya, or a circumambulation of the hills of Arunachala and Govardhan, prosternant themselves before the guru Granth Sahib with the gold temple, or being pilot arati of evening at Siddhivinayak, of the outline darshan and passenger of Srinath Jee and Tirupati Balaji, the astonishing forms of Tandava These voyages of the faith are can be cathartic and transforming...And the feelers travel of the miles and the days, to obtain an outline of the hut or the tree or even the tomb of their saints and prophets... The 'tibbisof Gorakhnath, or the tree of Buddha at Gaya…detecting honestly, their footboards of orientators.

Certain Yatras are organized, others primarily a solitary business। A prescribed part, others a personal tryst with the divinity... for it is with precision because each one cannot embark on the voyage of 'inner ', that this facilitation;a search for heart by the intermediary of the 'outer ', an interior expansion via the external extent, is offered।

Amarnath Yatra
Are Yatras really as the pélerins progress, really a walk by wood external, with the chance on one, which directs towards the interior cave... une.and can risk on certain yogis and sadhus, perhaps the residents of their part the secret of place, or right your ' coincidental ' wayfarers, or which knows? compassion comes under many forms, and the yogis have the power to transform not only the eager ones, but also the disbeliever! and we have examples like Angulimala, a wild dacoit which cut its finger of victims to make a collar of the fingers, helping it by frightening the next victim; or even Ratnagar, the dreaded plunderer, who was guided with the interior truth, and continued to become Valmiki…And thus, while these benefactors start to give divine wisdom, you realize, this is one will yatra in a yatra..And it is not simply the destination, but the voyage itself which is the goal. We take leave the everyday life, make plans, invite and gather others to go length, rent buses and the trainers, go sometimes even through the oceans, climb us hills, travels arduously, Sing will jaikaras them, even dance of festival, and in a paramount way we become innocent of spirit in the memory of God, offering the place automatically so that it appears! And, sometimes, all in only resting, we begin even arrangement a simple analogy:That the voyage of the life, itself, is the goal of God, by expressing the world….And that will yatras them of Tirth constitute the special places to polish this obligation between the man and the places of God. Special, where we take the 'off time ' and undertake consciously or subconscious two voyages simultaneously, the external one, as well as the interior communion with him. If we are lucky, we can even obtain with that all the feeling dominating which since God is here certainly felt , this overpowering feeling transports to us that it, in reality, is everywhere.
In conclusion, we reach the caves। We enter the sanctorum of sanctuary, enter the uterus even of creation; be pilot of God, practically see it coming obvious in your presence as it is honestly equipped to the top of like Nath, in Shiva Khori, accepting will vastras them attached by the pujaris one in a methodical ritual and astounding, also accepting the panchgavya, the bilva, and naturally the bhole of Jai of hachisch।! ! What a Darsana! And then? we must turn over to the house, where we belong for now। We do not remain there। Since there, the spectrum was seen in its entireity, the experiment of God by creating the world, custom, and the life itself, is included/understood. Thus, we are happy of then knowing the source but returned with where we belong to the standard of living where we have in…the world right as Arjuna turning over to his charge, having the darsana sri Krishna in the roop of Viraat, and hearing Bhagavad Gita, the celestial song.

And while we return, we take an invaluable handle of prasada, because the others with the acts of like the jaag manufacture of the curdled milk by the preceding section of the acts of like bulava, the call, for them to take on board us on their own personal holy water of catch of journey.We behind, to put far preciously in our clean small rooms at the house for our which we now can and then to take small a amrita each, to point out our tryst with God to us।

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Travelchacha Fined by Consumer Court

Travel portal  Travelchacha/ cultureholidays to pay Rs 27K for cancelling ticket unilaterally

A web-based travel agent has been directed by a consumer forum to pay one of its customers over Rs 27,000 including the booking amount for an air ticket which the portal had cancelled unilaterally.

The district consumer disputes redressal forum observed that the portal,, caused financial losses and harassment to the customer by cancelling his ticket despite charging him for it and then not refunding the amount.

"Firstly, the agent got cancelled the confirmed ticket despite the fact that the sale price of the booked ticket were debited from the bank account of the complainant. Secondly, the agent did not refund the amount of the cancelled ticket.

"Thus, the agent has caused financial losses beside harassment, pain and mental agony to the complainant," said Central District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, presided by B B Chaudhary.

The forum's order came on the plea of Haryana native, Manish Kumar Goyal, who had accused the travel portal of arbitrarily cancelling his ticket and not refunding his money.

Goyal had booked Spicejet Airlines ticket through Travel Chacha to travel from Delhi to Mumbai on August 12, 2010.

The bench observed no one had appeared on behalf of the travel agent and it was proceeded against ex-parte.

The forum directed the portal to refund the booking amount of Rs 2,786 to Goyal and pay him Rs 20,000 as compensation for harassment as well as Rs 5,000 as litigation costs.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Madrid 2011

This year, as in many other occasions, the beautiful city of Madrid is dressed party. The City Council is to accompany and compliment decks, both locals, and the thousands of tourists who come to this corner of Spain for the holidays.Images 4D, activities, culture, and a beautiful art made light, are among the attractions that you can enjoy from this December 18.

The opening
This December 18, in the Palacio de Cibeles Communications at 20hs., the City Council of Madrid congratulates locals and tourists in this Christmas with a beautiful spectacle of lights and 4D images.

This time, with technology company Samsung, will mount a projection very special cover of magic, the recently opened Capital City Council.

Young and old, may have before his eyes, an incredible toy factory coming to life on the walls of the famous building.

The account, named " The three stars of Christmas "-according to the company that made mention of the video-mapping-4D is a milestone in the joint development of the festival from a technological corporation and the municipality.

The opening of this festive season, will also present the magic of children's literature through reading the Christmas story that would be a winner in the competition launched in schools in Madrid.

The evening was crowned by a beautiful choreographed fireworks will light up the sky with hundreds of shapes and colors.

Beautiful Christmas lights
This year, artistic lighting developed in the streets of Madrid, back to catch the attention of visitors.

While there is no news regarding the designs of the previous year, as already stated will be placed in the festivities past, the beautiful lights, seek to encourage commercial activity in the area with its appeal.

Thus, again, important designers graphic, designers and architects of our country, again wear this great gateway to be the streets.

Some of the major artists participating in the light decoration of the city, are:

Purification Garcia, Angel Schlesser, Ana Locking, Hannibal Laguna, Juanjo Oliva, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Juan Duyos, Amaya Arzuaga, Sergio Sebastian, as well as the architects Ben Busche and Teresa Sapey with designer Roberto Turégan.

A Christmas sustainable
The proposal of the City of Madrid, is aligned with the needs of the mother earth. So much so, that to carry out the great design lighting with which adorn the streets of Madrid, has prepared an environmental installation.

Today, the technology known as LED, allows the installation of a large number of lamps (3.8 million) with a consumption considerably low.

Consequently, the power required for this great show, is reduced in a significant percentage. This results in less consumption energy and great a savings economy.

Some other scheduled activities
Within the full program of activities provided by the City Council of Madrid, you can find:

Nativity, musicals, theater plays, exhibitions and the familiar procession of the Kings on January 5 at 18:30 pm.
See you in Madrid to enjoy a beautiful Christmas !

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mussorie Vacation Packages

Mussoorie Hills is the best resort destinations which is located at the height of 2500 mts in the Garhwal hills. This beautiful place is 34 kms away from Dehradun and universally known as the Queen of Hills. Mussoorie name is derived from plants of 'Mussoorie' which were found here in great quantity.  Mussoorie is one the beautiful hill stations in India which is widely famous for its cool climate. The climate of the place is very cool and the best season is to visit the place is April to June and September to November. In Mussorie the visits can come and see the hills which are major attraction of the place. Moreover the visitors can come and enjoy the Trekking which is conducted in Dehradun- Mussorie Trekking. Part from adventurous activities the tourists can visit the major Hindu pilgrimage sites like Gangotri, Yamunotri Kedarnath, Badrinath, Haridwar, Rishikesh and many more. This place is the most desired holiday destinations of India which provides excellent relief to people who to spent time is peace and get relaxed.  Further, in this place one can buy the best household items of wood which will add beatifications to your interior decoration. Besides visiting so many things one explore several European schools, which were  started during the colonial period and the schools still retains it quality and educational performance.   This hill station gradually developed as a center of education, where if one will come here, they can find some of the oldest and best boarding schools. In addition, the place is centrally located from where one can easily come and see the beautiful places; the town is well connected by road, air and Railways and as it is well connected one can easily avail resorts and hotels to stay where they will get complete amenities.

Mussoorie is located in the lap of hills’ and Snow Mountains, where people can come and enjoy the cool weather.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hill Station Train Tours

India has mesmerized the imagination of the domestic tourists in general and international tourists in special with its railway network ranking second largest in the world. The unique part of this Indian Railway network is its provision of hill stations tours by trains. Some of these hill station trains are also known as Toys Trains of India. However, India has over 63,000 Km of track laid between 7000 stations divided into 9 Zones - Western, Central, Eastern, Northern, North Eastern, Northeast Frontier, Southern, South Central and South Eastern.

1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) connects the plains of West Bengal at New Jalpaiguri with the hill station of Darjeeling. On the way, it passes the most breathtaking scenery and climbs to a height of 7400 feet at Ghum (the highest station in India and the second highest in the world), from where glimpses of the magnificent Mt. Kanchenjunga are visible on clear days.

2. The Kangra Valley Railway
No one could have thought of making a finer selection of territory for building a new mountain railway in India than the Kangra valley. Few places can match this scenic region in the sub-Himalayas. One will stumble across a land that has cast its magic spell upon those who planned the railway and those who built the line. The Kangra Valley Railway presents to the traveler, a chance to gaze as long as he likes on the ever present panorama of snow-clad ranges and the gold green fields without being swung round every few minutes on a narrow are before his eyes can greet the scenery. March and April are the best months to visit the valley when it is covered with wild Rambler Roses, Oleanders, Rhododendron and fruit blossoms.

3. Kalka - Shimla Railway
The Kalka-Shimla Railway with 96.54 kilometer line offers a panoramic feast to experience the grandeur of the picturesque Himalayas from the Shivalik foot hills at Kalka to several important points such as Dharampur, Solan, Kandaghat, Taradevi, Barog, Salogra, Summerhill, Shimla and beyond up to the silvery snow line near the towering peaks. It runs through 102 tunnels, 864 bridges, only one of which is a 60 feet plate girder span and a steel truss. The others are viaducts with multi-arched galleries like the ancient Roman aqueducts.

4. Nilgiri Mountain Railway
The Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR), the only rack railway in India and uses Abt system, connects the town of Mettupalayam with the hill station of Udagamandalam, in the Nilgiri Hills of southern India. Both towns are in the state of Tamil Nadu. Snaking through 16 tunnels and tall girder bridges, the climb offers breathtaking vistas of plantation and fir-clad hills.

5. Matheran Light Railway
Matheran means “The Wooded Head" or the jungle topped. Over its length of 19.97 Kilometers, there are 221 curves, the sharpest being 1270 equal to 18.25 m., 121 bridges, only one tunnel and a steep winding gradient. Neral, the starting station of this line, falls nearly midway on the Mumbai-Pune route of the central railway. The journey up to Matheran from Neral takes about one-and-a-half hours

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ayurveda Holidays in India

1.Ayurveda Holidays in North India
India is known for the ancient science of Ayurvedic treatment which attracted the tourist from all over the world for Ayurvedic holidays in North India. Some of the famous attractions of North India Ayurvedic holidays are Rishikesh, Agra, Jaipur, Shimla, Amritsar, Udaipur and Ranthambore. North India Ayurvedic holidays are popular for aromatic massages, herbal oil massages, milk baths, Jacuzzi, steam baths, sauna, body scrubs and face and body wraps. Ayurveda holidays in north India is also famous for various Ayurvedic resorts like Ayurveda holidays Ananda in the Himalayas, Ayurveda holidays Devigarh Resort in Udaipur, Ayurveda holidays in Jai Mahal Spa in Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur, Ayurveda holidays in Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra, Ayurveda holidays in Oberoi Vanyavilas in Ranthambore, Ayurveda holidays in Royal Spa, Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, Ayurveda holidays in SVAASA - Sunny View Arya Spa in Amritsar, Ayurveda holidays in Tejas Spa, Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi and Ayurveda holidays in wildflower hall in Shimla. 

2.Ayurveda holidays in South India 
South India is considered as the major hub of Ayurveda holidays which attracted the tourists from all over the world for its various tourists destinations based on Ayurveda like south Indian Ayurveda holidays in the picturesque landscapes of Kerala, Bangalore, Cochin, Calicut, Kovalam, Kumarakom, Alleppey and Trivandrum. Among all the tourist destinations for Ayurveda holidays of south India Kerala is renowned all over the world for some of its fine Ayurvedic resorts and clinic which lure plenty of tourists every year. Some of the famous tourist destinations of Ayurveda holidays in south India are Trivandrum, Ayurveda holidays of south India in Ernakulum, Ayurveda holidays of south India in Kottayam, Ayurveda holidays of south India in Idukki, Ayurveda holidays of south India in Thrissur, Ayurveda holidays of south India in Alappuzha (Alleppey), Ayurveda holidays of south India in Kovalam, Ayurveda holidays of south India in Kozhikode, Ayurveda holidays of south India in Kumarakom, Ayurveda holidays of south India in Palakkad and Ayurveda holidays of south India in Thiruvananthapuram.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tower of London

If you are going to make a trip to London this summer, you may already be thinking about what to visit. London is one of those cities you can not do everything, and where you really need to plan ahead what you want to see and do. It is also one of those cities where it's worth getting online and advance tickets to various attractions. Sometimes this will let you get a discount. In other cases, even if the price is the same or very similar to what you pay for entry into the attraction itself, book your ticket online saves you the time would have to wait in line to get their input on the same day your visit.

This is also the case for the Tour at the Tower of London , we offer today. You can book your pass to see all the best the best of this attraction, a favorite of those who make tourism in London. This ticket allows you to save a few pounds for the cost of your admission ticket and you can enter the Tower of London through the line quickly , without having to wait longer in line with all those who still have to pay for his ticket. Especially for summer visits when he can get very crowded with tourists in London, our tickets to " skip row "for the Tour at the Tower of London are the best option to visit this attraction.

If you do not know much about the Tower of London, is an old building in the city of London, which opened in the eleventh century, more specifically, in 1066 by William the Conqueror. Successive monarchs worked in the modification, renewal and extension of this tower, which is listed as a World Heritage Site.

The strength of the Tower of London is incredible and allows you to make an imaginary journey into the past of England. The Tower of London and its ancient stones reverberate with dark secrets, many of which will be revealed during his visit to London. The gardens are a multitude of crows pampered while the crown jewels shine in fortified vaults.

Considered one of the world's most famous fortresses, the Tower of London is about 900 years of history are revealed within its walls. During his tour at the Tower of London you can learn all about this place so special and different uses in the story. At various times, and in some cases with overlapping features, the tower served as a fortress, a royal palace as a place of execution, a prison, such as mint, a menagerie, and as an arsenal.

There's plenty to see and do during a tour of the Tower of London . Inside the tower you can find variety of permanent collections and buildings to visit as well as special activities, events and exhibitions throughout the year. Your ticket for the tour of the Tower of London includes admission to most of these events and various special activities.

So what is included in the tour of the Tower of London? Here's a rundown of the best things you can see during your visit to the Tower of London

• Your tour of the Tower of London includes a visit to the Jewel House, where you can see the crown jewels used and preserved by the sovereign of Great Britain. This stunning room will be allowed to look at the historic diamonds that are part of the royalties that are used when a new king is crowned in the UK. A total of 23,578 gems make these crown jewels. The collection is very special and is, therefore, carefully guarded by an armed guard.

• The White Tower is one of the visits are also included in the tour at the Tower of London. During the reign of William the Conqueror (from 1066MHz to 1087), the Tower of London had its beginning as a fortress and a royal palace. The White Tower, former home of William, now houses the different armor from the Royal Armouries collection. There you can see historic instruments of torture, as well as some armor as the famous Henry VIII.

• Tour of 'Beefeater' or Yeoman Warder, also part of his tour of the Tower of London is a guided tour led by a Yeoman Guardian. These people, popularly known as 'Beefeaters', are the ceremonial guards of the Tower of London. The Beefeaters will keep you entertained with his stories of executions, intrigue, torture, betrayal, imprisonment, passion, pain and much more. Arrogance and a smile of these guards, and how they articulate their positions as they tell these stories, make this tour an unforgettable experience. This is one of the most popular and famous excursions from those offered in the Tower of London. The tour of the Beefeaters is done every day, at intervals of every half hour from the opening of Tower of London and until 3.30 pm in summer and 2.30 pm during the winter. The tour lasts 60 minutes or so, and the meeting point to start the walk takes place at the main entrance of the Tower of London.

• Some of the most famous Tower of London ravens are also guardians of the Tower. Legend says that if the six ravens depart from the Tower of London would be the end and fall of both the Tower and around the UK. On arrival at the Tower of London, ask for "guidance of the Tower Ravens," which will be provided free of charge to the mere presentation of their ticket. Then the attempt to find and discover the charms of these crows while doing his tour of the different areas of the Tower of London.

• The Medieval Palace: With its stunning interiors, a visit to the medieval palace in the Tower of London allows you to discover what life was like in those days, and experience the aromas and sounds of medieval life in this house, that gives little luxury is in relation to the time period it belongs to.

• In the past, high-ranking personalities were executed in the Tower of London, specifically on the Green Tower. It was there that many of the familiar characters from the history of the United States died after the issuing of the order to kill them. Three queens of England are on the list of those executed in the Tower Green: The second wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, which had about thirty at the time of his execution - the fifth wife of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard - she, with just over twenty years when the execution took place -, and Lady Jane Grey, who was only 16 years ... when it is executed (!!!!)!

• Speaking of Lady Jane Grey, do not forget to visit his graffiti and learn about it. Lady Jane Grey was queen for only nine days, after which he was first imprisoned and later executed in the Tower of London. But is it possible that at this time has left a graffiti on the stone? Visit the Tower of London to find out!

• The exhibition of prisoners is an interactive display for the whole family, where children and adults can explore the stories of people who were imprisoned in the Tower of London at different times since the beginning of the tower and along its history.

• If both tour, walking tour starts and give it a little peckish, you can shop around New Armouries restaurant (in Spanish: "New Armor". If you visit the Tower of London with his family, you can take advantage of supply of good family meal. This is by buying a main meal for an adult will receive a 50% discount on up to three plates of food for children.

• After eating, and if you feel a little crowded, you can relax in a walk through the east wall of the Tower of London. In this case, you can start from the Torre de la Sal in the courtyard, enjoying the beautiful views of the city of London and explore the four towers and the massive defensive wall or curtain inside.

If you have any questions while doing his tour of the Tower of London, you will be more than welcome to come Yeoman guards or keepers of the White Tower Jewel House at any time during your visit. They are ready and willing to respond with joy to all your questions.

The Tour of the Tower of London, we are offering right now is basically a ticket that allows you to "jump the line." By purchasing this ticket on our website, you can go directly to the group ticket window at the Tower of London. This way you can avoid the queue and does not waste your valuable vacation time. As explained above, this becomes especially useful for a city like London where there is plenty to do and tourist always feels like you do not have enough time on it. With our ticket for the Tour of the Tower of London, the entry procedure is quick and easy. Moreover, as you have to check out our detailed list of things to do in the Tower of London, all internal admission tickets - once you buy our ticket to enter the Tower - included in the ticket price .

This is a simple entrance ticket + sautéed row ticket, so no shuttle service to and from hotel included. You need to find their way to the tower, which is easy to find if you follow the River Thames. The Tower of London is on the eastern edge of the city of London. It's right next to the River Thames, next to the famous Tower Bridge (in English: Tower Bridge).

You can visit the Tower of London at any time during opening hours. From 1 March to 31 October, the Tower of London is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5.30 pm. On Sundays and Mondays, the Tower is open from 9 am to 5.30 pm. Please note the time of the last admission is at 5 o'clock pm, although we recommend having at least 3 hours to fully enjoy your tour at the Tower of London.

In winter, from November 1st to the 28th of February, the Tower is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 4:30 pm and Sunday and Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. The schedule of the last entry in the winter is at 4 hours, but once again, we recommend staying there for three hours. There are many things to visit in the Tower of London, and it will not be able to see everything.

The tower is wheelchair accessible and is a great option to visit with his family while doing family tourism in London. The cost of the tour at the Tower of London ticket "skipping the line" will also save you some money. Each ticket costs £ 18.00 for adults, or the equivalent of € 20.40. Reduction is applied to older adults (60 to 99 years old) who pay £ 15.50 or € 17.57. Children 5 to 15 years of age (inclusive) pay £ 9.50 or € 10.77. In addition, infants and toddlers up to 4 years old may enter free with accompanying adults.

Your ticket to the Tour at the Tower of London includes a guided tour by the tour or Yeoman Warder 'Beefeater' tour in the White Tower, the historical setting that occur in vivo, the entrance to the exhibition on prisoners Tower and much more, including also all that mentioned above. What is not included in the ticket are food and beverages, gratuities, which are always optional and lending of audio guides, which can apply in their own tower for about 4 pounds.

If you are on a trip to London, especially if you are taking your children with you on this trip, the tour at the Tower of London is one the whole family will enjoy. Buying your ticket in advance will save you time and money, which will be appreciated by even enjoy your trip to London. See you soon in London!