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India Adventure Tours

India with its vastness in area offers a diverse nature of landscape which readily makes some of the most perfect Adventure destinations for the enthusiasts. Right from the mighty Himalayas to the extreme north to the Indian Ocean in extreme south, from the burning heat of the great Thar Desert in the extreme west to the dark, dense tropical rainforests of the extreme east, India is full of adventure destinations.

From rifer-rafting in the roaring Ganges, to scuba diving in soothing Kerala backwaters, to the sliding down the skiing slopes of Auli & Narkanda, to the trekking expeditions of Ladakh, to snow climbing at Manali, to paragliding at Dharamshala, to hang-gliding at Kangra, to hot air ballooning and many more thrilling activities, the options of adventure holidays are just amazing in India.

1. Angling and Fishing Tours
2. Camel Safari Tours
3. Cycling and Motor Biking Tours
4. Para-Gliding Tours
5. Mountaineering Tour
6. River Rafting Tour
7. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
8. Trekking Tours
9. Wildlife Safari Tours

1. Angling and Fishing Tours
India has many scenic fresh water lakes, which make an excellent destination for fishing and angling activities. An angling and fishing adventure-holiday in India is unique in itself as it brings you very close to nature and frees your from the worries of a hectic city life.Those who are looking for a little bit of solitude and want to enjoy the serene beauty of the gushing waters and spend hours in quiet contemplation, can look forward to these tailor made tours of fishing and angling from Ideal Indian Tours.

Come enjoy a full day of great fishing with the help of the expert Shikaries, who will give you their fine tips and also make your experience a highly memorable one.

Angling & Fishing Destinations in India:

     Dodital Lake in Uttranchal
     Cauvrey Fishing Lodge near Mysore in Karnataka
     Hill stations of Munnar in Kerala
     The Dal Lake in Kashmir
     The Jia Bhoroli River & Kapili in Assam
     Manas and Bhalukpung in Assam
     Yingkiong, Bodak and Siom in Arunachal Pradesh
     Chirgaon, Seema, Mandil in Himachal Pradesh
     Sandasu & Tikri in Himachal Pradesh
     Dhamvari in Himachal Pradesh

2. Camel Safari Tours
The transport of the barren region, the camel, was tamed thousands of years back, mainly for the reason of making tiresome journeys all the way through the merciless Thar Desert. Come for a camel safari tour in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Experience the cool desert breeze and wonder about life in the untamed countryside of this fascinating desert underneath the star-studded sky. You may even go for a small expedition passing through a distinctive Rajasthani rural community or a long-distance outing enduring a few numbers of days. The best time for traveling are the cooler parts of the day, the mornings and evenings.

The things to see in the journey will mesmerize you and turn into a part of your most precious recollections. There may well be desolate land for as far as the eyes can see. The ocean of golden glittering sand looks amazing. Nearer to the rural community you can see flocks of livestock and sheep wandering just about purposelessly. Observe the kids walk briskly off to school, whilst their mothers organize their daylight food on a dung-fire. Stop over for a flavor of the genuine Rajasthani cooking. The welcoming men and women will be at your check, keen to execute your each appeal.

Camel Safari Destinations in India:
Jaiselmer in Rajasthan
Jodhpur in Rajasthan
Bikaner in Rajasthan

3. Cycling and Motor Biking Tours
Contracted paths intertwining all the way through foggy snow-clad mountains, the chilly hill breeze thumping next to your features, and delightful valley people welcoming you on the way - the lofty Himalayas make a near perfect destination for a biking trip. The packages offered by Lets Travel India take you through striking pathways in the farthest of Himalayas.

Each tour will wrap a distance of about 50-60km a day. Every trip is given a back-up jeep/bus with a cycle repair mechanic, first-aid pack and all essential extras. This jeep/bus will follow the very last biker from the commencement of the trip exactly to the finish. Most significantly, it will also bring warm lunch, which will be served at a suitable spot at some point in the day. The group consists of a chef and camp out aide, who will go in front after lunch to set up campground at predefined spots and wait for your coming with a hot cup of tea/coffee!

Cycling and Motor Biking Destinations in India:

     Manali to Leh in Himachal Pradesh
     Kinnaur to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh
     Exploring Kerala in Kerala
     Nainital & Other surrounding Tals in Uttranchal
     Bombay to Goa Biking Tour
     Exploring Goa Cycling Tour
     Delhi to Agra Biking Tour in Uttar Pradesh

4. Para-Gliding Tours
According to professionals, India has high-quality thermal soaring special effects throughout the summer months, and that’s why, it presents Para-gliding avenues for a good part of the year.
More than a few sites in India have been recognized by professional hang gliders with those in the lower reaches of the Himalayas rated as/among the most excellent in the globe. Riding the balmy thermal currents of the air is possibly the next man has ever come to sailing the skies as liberated as a bird. Almost at will, you plunge and swing tall over the hills and valleys.

Para-gliding Destinations in India:

     Billing in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
     Bundla Dhar near Bilaspur, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
     Intkali in Pabbar valley, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
     Blue Mountains, Ooty in Karnataka
     Munnar, Elavizha Poonchira, near Varkala Beach, Kerala
     Vaggamon in Kerala
     Kodaikanal in Karnataka

5. Mountaineering Tour
If you're passionate about the will of adventure, let the flashes in your compassion take off in India, a terra firma set apart with condescending snow-clad peaks, rock glaciers, undulating meadows, serrated rock faces, lush valleys, winding rivers, dropping cascades, impenetrable jungles, and welcoming populace, set apart with a loaded civilization - a territory ideal for mountain climbing, trekking, and rock climbing.

Mountaineering Destinations in India:

     Nubra Valley Trek
     Indus Valley Trek

6. River Rafting Tour
River rafting in India is an invigorating experience that you can take pleasure in on your Holidays in India with Lets Travel India. One of the most excellent areas for river rafting in India is the stretch up to Rishikesh in Uttranchal. White water rafting on the Alaknanda, Bhagirathi and Ganga rivers is a well-liked adventure sightseeing activity in summer in India. For the more daring explorer, white water rafting tours in India can also be prearranged on the Indus River in Ladakh and Brahmaputra River in Arunachal Pradesh.

White water rafting in India on the Alaknanda River is the most easily accessible white water river rafting stretch from Delhi. We drive from Delhi to Rishikesh and further north to Dev Prayag, where the Alaknanda River and Bhagirathi River combine to form the Ganges, a river considered holy by Hindus in India. Further North is Rudra Prayag, where the Alaknanda and Mandakini Rivers combine. The white water rafting Alaknanda tour consists of an approximately 130 Km long stretch from Rudra Prayag to Shivpuri near Rishikesh in Uttranchal, India.

River rafting Destinations in India
1. Rudra Prayag in Uttranchal
2. Indus River in Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh
3. Brahmaputra River in Arunachal Pradesh

7. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Come! Experience the excitement and exquisiteness of India's eye-catching submerged innate world with Lets Travel India. Scuba Dive or snorkel Bay of Bengal at Andaman and Nicobar islands or Arabian Sea at Lakshwadeep group of islands. The crystal clear waters Indian coasts and shores promise charming scuba diving and snorkeling destinations that will leave you completely mesmerized.

The loaded marine life in India offers an assortment of chances for scuba diving and snorkeling. Apart from the previously renowned scuba destinations, there are plentiful places, which are in the offing to be explored. If you want to make your holiday an event of lifetime, these exceptional adventure activities on the seashores, mangroves, cliff promontories, backwater, beautiful groups of island along the Indian coastline, constantly kissed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea on the islands of Lakshwadeep have the great potential of being the Mecca of scuba diving.

Lets Travel India offers holidays at outstanding places that are stunningly virgin, still intact in their innate beauty and retaining their primal fascination. Unharmed by contamination, the azure, emerald and turquoise waters of its seas and oceans present the arresting sight of the Coral Sea beds. India has imprinted an exceptional place for itself in the adventure sightseeing chart of the globe.

In order to get the best pleasure from Scuba diving and snorkeling in India, the Andaman and Nicobar islands are the most suitable places to head towards. There you can easily discover the under water for ravishing reefs and the incredible collection of sea animals.

Scuba diving & Snorkeling Destinations in India:

 Andaman and Nicobar islands
 Islands of Lakshwadeep
 Brahmaputra River in Arunachal Pradesh

8. Trekking Tours
Trekking in India is one of the most prominent exciting activity sports, attracting trekking buffs from all regions of the globe. In approximately each part of India plentiful trekking options are accessible. It is definitely the most excellent way to walk around the uneven attractiveness of the hilly regions of India. Indian mountains present fabulous and action-packed trekking routes.

Trekking Destinations in India:

     Darjeeling in West Bengal
     Gangtok in Sikkim
     Garhwal & Kumaon in Uttranchal Pradesh
     4. Rishikesh in Uttranchal Pradesh

9. Wildlife Safari Tours
A jeep safari is almost certainly the best way to travel around the wonders of Rajasthan. Furthermore, it is feasible to have the benefit of a more complete trip on the jeep and it is a smoother and more relaxed journey. An open jeep is considered perfect, as it can make one feel with nature in the spectacular landscape of Rajasthan.

Safaris can be made in Jaiselmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Shekhavati areas. Jeep Safari can also be made in Wildlife Parks and Bird Sanctuaries. This escapade will present you reminiscences to last a life span. Jeep Safaris can be integrated with Camel and Horse Safaris.

Safari Destinations in India:

     Jaiselmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur in Rajasthan
     Shekhavati region in Rajasthan
     Jim Corbett National Park in Uttranchal Pradesh
     Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan