Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Madrid 2011

This year, as in many other occasions, the beautiful city of Madrid is dressed party. The City Council is to accompany and compliment decks, both locals, and the thousands of tourists who come to this corner of Spain for the holidays.Images 4D, activities, culture, and a beautiful art made light, are among the attractions that you can enjoy from this December 18.

The opening
This December 18, in the Palacio de Cibeles Communications at 20hs., the City Council of Madrid congratulates locals and tourists in this Christmas with a beautiful spectacle of lights and 4D images.

This time, with technology company Samsung, will mount a projection very special cover of magic, the recently opened Capital City Council.

Young and old, may have before his eyes, an incredible toy factory coming to life on the walls of the famous building.

The account, named " The three stars of Christmas "-according to the company that made mention of the video-mapping-4D is a milestone in the joint development of the festival from a technological corporation and the municipality.

The opening of this festive season, will also present the magic of children's literature through reading the Christmas story that would be a winner in the competition launched in schools in Madrid.

The evening was crowned by a beautiful choreographed fireworks will light up the sky with hundreds of shapes and colors.

Beautiful Christmas lights
This year, artistic lighting developed in the streets of Madrid, back to catch the attention of visitors.

While there is no news regarding the designs of the previous year, as already stated will be placed in the festivities past, the beautiful lights, seek to encourage commercial activity in the area with its appeal.

Thus, again, important designers graphic, designers and architects of our country, again wear this great gateway to be the streets.

Some of the major artists participating in the light decoration of the city, are:

Purification Garcia, Angel Schlesser, Ana Locking, Hannibal Laguna, Juanjo Oliva, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Juan Duyos, Amaya Arzuaga, Sergio Sebastian, as well as the architects Ben Busche and Teresa Sapey with designer Roberto Turégan.

A Christmas sustainable
The proposal of the City of Madrid, is aligned with the needs of the mother earth. So much so, that to carry out the great design lighting with which adorn the streets of Madrid, has prepared an environmental installation.

Today, the technology known as LED, allows the installation of a large number of lamps (3.8 million) with a consumption considerably low.

Consequently, the power required for this great show, is reduced in a significant percentage. This results in less consumption energy and great a savings economy.

Some other scheduled activities
Within the full program of activities provided by the City Council of Madrid, you can find:

Nativity, musicals, theater plays, exhibitions and the familiar procession of the Kings on January 5 at 18:30 pm.
See you in Madrid to enjoy a beautiful Christmas !