Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Call of the wild
I first saw Bandhavgarh and its tigers one unforgettable March morning. As we rode through the orest of sal trees, the stillness was suddenly broken by the alarm calls of langur and chital. The mahout halted the elephant, listened intently, turned us towards the calls, and then goaded the elephant into a quick pace.Approaching the edge of the grassland and the nearby group of hills, we saw a movement in the grass. A beautiful tigress, drenched in morning dew, strode purposefully into the clearing, stopping to stare at our elephant.I was told that she was called Sita by the forest department staff and the small band of dedicated naturalists that worked in the few camps that were then located at Tala, close to the main entrance of the park। Her two cubs had been following close behind, and on reaching Sita, they greeted her by rubbing their faces against her face, producing the distinctive sounds that only tiger cubs can make।It was this captivating meeting with Sita—and the wealth of wildlife in this park—that convinced me that this location would be ideal for a film on her and her life in the forests of Bandhavgarh.

Bear country
There are three bear species in the Indian region, the Brown Bear, the Himalayan Black Bear and the Sloth Bear. All three are formidable animals, which are frequently in conflict with man and are, therefore, often shot. The range of the Brown Bear is only just within the region, at high altitudes throughout the Himalayas. If food is scarce, it plays havoc with domestic flocks, although its usual diet is fruit, roots and rodents. The Black Bear is still fairly numerous in the Himalayas, occasionally as high as the tree-line but more often at lower अल्तितुदेस Occasionally, a vagrant wanders as far south as Sylhet. Its footprints in the snow, with five clearly defined toes, are rather like those of a man, though the long claw-marks are easily distinguished. When the melting snow obliterates the claw-marks, the probable origin of the mythical Yeti remains for all to see.

Wings of loveBird watching always presents an intellectual challenge because there are so many different species to identify. Moreover, some birds, due to their furtive nature, pose great difficulties for the bird watcher. Very often, one needs to put together bits and pieces of incomplete clues to come up with the proper identification. Problems of bird watching abound—sometimes most of the torso is hidden behind foliage or the moment you spot it, the tiny creature is all set for flight or the sun simply refuses to shine brightly enough.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tirth Yatra A Sacred Journey of Holy Places

Tirth Yatra , these two words, this means more than the realization of the life to the million Indians, is perhaps woven in its inners same, also weaving, the spiritual heart of people to the manifest grounds of his country;the grounds, that indicate its own heart... for Tirth is a crowned destination।

Yatra means the voyage, so much collectively, will yatra of Tirth is the holy voyage, a voyage that we seemingly commit ourselves enriching us religious।And there are various categories of the latter, even always authenticated, others relatively obscure, certain almost open of world, others always the privelege of people of the countries, some devoted to the eternal biggies like Siva, Visnu, Durga, Kali;others with the saints of owner, like devtas of kula in the located, and holy places famous, as Reflected bai, Sant jnaneshwar, baba of sai of Shirdee, paramhans of Ramakrishna, and so on, which in the cosmic chronology, were themselves of the yatris (companions) just one moment ago..... If it east go until our clean my Vaishno Devi, or to a long voyage month in Kailash Mansarovar, so simply immersing themselves in Quawallis at Ajmer Shareef, or even just being present at sea fine of humanity at Kumbh Mela, going in the cave deeply inside the mountain and communicant with the devi of Kamakhya, or a circumambulation of the hills of Arunachala and Govardhan, prosternant themselves before the guru Granth Sahib with the gold temple, or being pilot arati of evening at Siddhivinayak, of the outline darshan and passenger of Srinath Jee and Tirupati Balaji, the astonishing forms of Tandava These voyages of the faith are can be cathartic and transforming...And the feelers travel of the miles and the days, to obtain an outline of the hut or the tree or even the tomb of their saints and prophets... The 'tibbisof Gorakhnath, or the tree of Buddha at Gaya…detecting honestly, their footboards of orientators.

Certain Yatras are organized, others primarily a solitary business। A prescribed part, others a personal tryst with the divinity... for it is with precision because each one cannot embark on the voyage of 'inner ', that this facilitation;a search for heart by the intermediary of the 'outer ', an interior expansion via the external extent, is offered.

Are Yatras really as the pélerins progress, really a walk by wood external, with the chance on one, which directs towards the interior cave... une.and can risk on certain yogis and sadhus, perhaps the residents of their part the secret of place, or right your ' coincidental ' wayfarers, or which knows? compassion comes under many forms, and the yogis have the power to transform not only the eager ones, but also the disbeliever! and we have examples like Angulimala, a wild dacoit which cut its finger of victims to make a collar of the fingers, helping it by frightening the next victim; or even Ratnagar, the dreaded plunderer, who was guided with the interior truth, and continued to become Valmiki…And thus, while these benefactors start to give divine wisdom, you realize, this is one will yatra in a yatra..And it is not simply the destination, but the voyage itself which is the goal. We take leave the everyday life, make plans, invite and gather others to go length, rent buses and the trainers, go sometimes even through the oceans, climb us hills, travels arduously, Sing will jaikaras them, even dance of festival, and in a paramount way we become innocent of spirit in the memory of God, offering the place automatically so that it appears! And, sometimes, all in only resting, we begin even arrangement a simple analogy:That the voyage of the life, itself, is the goal of God, by expressing the world….And that will yatras them of Tirth constitute the special places to polish this obligation between the man and the places of God. Special, where we take the 'off time ' and undertake consciously or subconscious two voyages simultaneously, the external one, as well as the interior communion with him. If we are lucky, we can even obtain with that all the feeling dominating which since God is here certainly felt , this overpowering feeling transports to us that it, in reality, is everywhere.
In conclusion, we reach the caves। We enter the sanctorum of sanctuary, enter the uterus even of creation; be pilot of God, practically see it coming obvious in your presence as it is honestly equipped to the top of like Nath, in Shiva Khori, accepting will vastras them attached by the pujaris one in a methodical ritual and astounding, also accepting the panchgavya, the bilva, and naturally the bhole of Jai of hachisch.! ! What a Darsana! And then? we must turn over to the house, where we belong for now. We do not remain there. Since there, the spectrum was seen in its entireity, the experiment of God by creating the world, custom, and the life itself, is included/understood. Thus, we are happy of then knowing the source but returned with where we belong to the standard of living where we have in…the world right as Arjuna turning over to his charge, having the darsana sri Krishna in the roop of Viraat, and hearing Bhagavad Gita, the celestial song.

And while we return, we take an invaluable handle of prasada, because the others with the acts of home॥it like the jaag manufacture of the curdled milk by the preceding section of the acts of like bulava, the call, for them to take on board us on their own personal holy water of catch of journey।We behind, to put far preciously in our clean small rooms at the house for our which we now can and then to take small a amrita each, to point out our tryst with God to us.
Amarnath Yatra

Monday, February 11, 2008

Beaches in Maharashtra Mumbai

The state of Maharashtra is an ideal place for beach holidays with adventure appetite through water sports. Some of the famous beaches of Maharashtra which attracted the tourists from all over the world for beach tourism are Dahanu-Bordi beach, Bassain (Vasai), Madh Island beach, Ganpatipule, Harnai-Murud beach, Vengurla, Marine Drive, Mandwa beach, Marve beach, Juhu beach, Kihim-Alibag beach, Vijaydurg beach, Shriwardhan beach, Murud beach and Velneshwar beach.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Industrial Tourism of Jharkhand

Besides the many other tourisms of Jharkhand, the sate of Jharkhand is also popular all over the world for industrial tourism because Jharkhand has a number of Industrial Complexes with plenty of mines and minerals along with industrial cities like Jamshedpur which is the Industrial
Capital of the state, Bokaro which is well known for its Iron and Steel and Dhanbad is famous for