Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Visit Vilnius in Eastern Europe

Today, Vilnius is one of the most visited cities in Eastern Europe, pulling the attention not only because of its architectural identity, and cultural events, entertainment. Here are the various business, political and cultural meetings. Capital of Lithuania actively presents at international tourism exhibitions in collaboration with many European capitals. 2009, Vilnius, the first of the new EU countries, cities, has become the European Capital of Culture. This honor is shared with the Austrian city of Linz.

Vilnius is the most important city in Lithuania. Vilnius - the capital of the Republic of Lithuania, the administrative, cultural, political and business center. Here, the President, the Seimas, the Government, the Supreme Court, located in the diplomatic service, education, culture, education, medical institutions and banks.

Vilnius is also the largest city in the country. It lives on septintadalis the population of Lithuania. The year 2006, the Vilnius live 553 553 people is 57.8% Lithuanian, 18.7% - Polish, 14% - Russian, 4% - Belarusian, 0.5% - the Jews. The remaining 5% are of other nationalities.

Urban area - about 400 square kilometers. 20.2% is built, and the remaining part of the plantations (43.9%) and water (2.1%). The historical center of Vilnius, Old Town, is one of the largest in Eastern Europe (360 ha). Because of its uniqueness in 1994 he was included in UNESCO’s most important objects of the world’s protected list. Old Town is located in a picturesque two rivers - Vilnius and Neris - the valley, the crossroads of trade, to Brastos, which kept the ancient castles of Vilnius.

City has always been hospitable, open and tolerant. He is creating a consolidation of three currents of religion: paganism, Eastern and Western Christianity. This is already the fourteenth century observed Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas. The last pagan ruler the state wrote letters to the parties that all Vilniuje worshiped one god, but each according to his custom, the city is already built, and the Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches. Later, here in the city and the house of prayer pasistate Muslims, Tatars, Karaites and Jews.

Multinational, daugiatikybis, multicultural city in the city has always attracted visitors for vacation packages and Zavejo architectural diversity. Castle ruins, a network of narrow streets, smailiabokstes red-brick church, the residential cellars … All this testifies that the Vilnius - Gothic city. But already in the XVI century Gothic overlap with the Renaissance, and the XVII - XVIII century emerging baroque buildings.

That you had and what you are - a businessman, came to Vilnius to sign the contract, a tourist on holiday, or a seasoned traveler looking for new experiences - enough for a few days stay in Vilnius, the pamiltumete this city. Vilniuje worth a longer stay, but if you stay only for one weekend, you will of bright impressions. The theater or opera fans, rapidly parties or street carnival lovers, besidomintieji architecture or mėgstantieji time to allow the wild - all in this city will find what their heart.

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