Monday, March 14, 2011

Sahakari Spice Plantation in Goa

If you travel to Goa and is looking for a real knowledge of the culture of Goa, then devotes a day to visit the Sahakari Spice Plantation is the perfect way to experience and embrace the passion of the province of spices in India.

Sahakari Spice Plantation Tours
With a stunning backdrop, first impressions of the plantation of spices are nothing less than spectacular. Cross the rickety bridge that divides the river something quaint and deeper into the jungle where the spice plantation built. Once AOVE taken in all the sights and sounds around the plantation, leaving the other three senses stimulated, while Aore be guided through a tour of the plantation itself.

The English-speaking tour guides inform and entertain you in everything you can about the daily events in which provides.During Sahakari Spice plantation tour, you know, spirits, Feni, made from the juice treaties by the cashews. Feni contains about 40-45% alcohol, you know, try it!

Even for travelers who enjoy a cigarette, which that the pure snuff grown on the plantation, and only 20 rupees, you can wrap ten cigarettes authentic Goa in dried palm leaves. Al final de la Tour du be treated to an Indian meal "all-you-can-eat", where to sit, relax and stay in the relaxed atmosphere give planting.

Elephant trekking in the Sahakari Spice Plantation
Travelers can also enjoy the travel experience of an elephant through the outskirts of the spice plantation. There are three elephants (one male, one female and a baby) that are designed for fun only entertaining way. While the dominant male to ride most of the elephants, a baby elephant, the photo enthusiast with some wonderful photo opportunities, receiving training in elephant riding.

Female elephants can be ridden, but offers travelers the opportunity of your bathroom. Your guide will take you and the elephant in the shallow river, in bushes, in which, literally, give the elephant a good old-fashioned it is cleaned. The elephant is lying down and roll bathe them back, legs and even behind the ears so that your guide or taxi driver to take some memorable photos of the experience.

A guide to the beaches of India
The best part comes later, but! Once you know what the elephant AOVE a bath is ready, they will be asked to leave (and a friend if you want) to sit on your back. Aore Once securely fastened to the top of the elephant, the guide will ask you to face the other way. Why you ask?

Now, suddenly and without warning, in favor of the elephants from the shower to saturate as extravagant back with his trunk. Unexpected, yes! What can be expected that the links are completely soaked. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a link or connection with the elephant, and certainly remain in the memory of your trip to Goa.

Sahakari Spice Plantation Prices
Entry into the Sahakari Spice Plantation, which is 400 Indian rupees (excluding transportation to and from the planting of species). Included in the ticket price is a one-hour tour of the spice plantation, opportunities to buy products of the plantation itself, and a free lunch, where many of the spices used in preparing the banquet of India.

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