Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Palitana Temple in Shatrunjaya

Near the town of Palitana are the hills of Shatrunjaya, One of the most important pilgrimage sites of the Jain faith. Palitana is located in the district Bhavnagar about 50 km southwest of Bhavnagar city. In a number of accommodation (dharmashalas) in Palitana town pilgrims and tourists find accommodation.

In the Temple City Shatrunjaya is one of the biggest tourist attractions is definitely in Gujarat. To the temples, between the 11th and 17 Century were built to go, you have to beat around 4,000 steps over 3.5 km.

Please note that no one is allowed to stay after sunset on the hill, even the priests retire to their monasteries and leave the gods alone among themselves. The more than 1,000 temples on the hill are mostly made of exquisite marble.
Getting there

Flights are available to our research, to follow only between Mumbai (Bombay) and 50km away Bhavnagar. After Palitana you will then local trains. Bhavnagar itself is next to the aircraft via Mumbai (Bombay) But also easily accessible by train. Direct connections from Palitana to Mumbai (Bombay) and Ahmedabad are being planned. Of course there are also bus and taxi connections between Bhavnagar and Palitana. The bus station in Palitana is situated at a 800 meters from the station.

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